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Superlake is a grocery store in San Antonio Tlayacapan east of Ajijic. To me it is much more than a grocery store.

Many people complain about the prices but let me reassure you that the higher prices are only for imported items and all local brands are well represented as well.

A lot of the expats in Ajijic as well as the Mexican community are foodies and it is nice to be able to get whatever we need without having to go to Guadalajara. Superlake, in fact sells the very popular brand ‘Kirkland’ from Costco.

You may pay a few more pesos for a Kirkland item but to me it is well worth the not having to pay the cost of parking (assuming you can find parking) in the city, as well as the cost of gas, not to mention the hassle of going to Guadalajara. Today for example I was making a new Jamie Oliver recipe with some lovely left over BBQ’d pork. It was called Spicy Pork and Chile Pepper Goulash. One of the ingredients called for was a jar of grilled assorted bell peppers.

I wondered if this might be a challenge but was encouraged when I remember that Superlake had jars of Pepperoncini which I had purchased for previously executed recipes.

I was delighted when I found several shelves of all kinds of grilled and roasted assorted peppers in jars. My challenge then was to select the best jar for the job at hand. They had, of course, Pepperoncini, grilled and roasted jalepenas, assorted peppers with and without caramelized onions, hot, mild and medium selections, sweet banana peppers, assorted wax peppers and so many more choices than I cannot remember. (Had I thought I was going to blog about subject this I would have taken notes.)

This is the case with so many other items. The choice is more than sufficient for even the pickiest of foodies. I can remember when we were first here we were lucky to have one brand of any particular item so this expanded choice is very welcome. We also enjoy the bakery. This, however, can be a challenge as one has a very small window of when the bakery items are ready and before they are sold out for the day. The addition of flaky, buttery croissants and cinnamon buns with nuts are also a delight. We particularly like the round artisan loaves and the multi grain baguettes.

So be assured that whatever you need, Superlake will have it, and if by some slim chance they don’t just ask Pancho or Adianna and they will get it for you.

You can call them at (376) 766-0174.

Another fond memory of Superlake is they were the first ones Lakeside to have all kinds of squash, a vegetable we missed very much from Toronto, Canada. I would still kill for a fresh parsnip.

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