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Taking the Plunge

I have written a couple of blogs about Dermika Dermatology Center in the Ajijic Plaza in Ajijic. Tel. (376) 766-2500.

I have also written about the plastic surgeon Dr. Sergio Aguila Bimbela who is very popular and has done at least 6 of my personal friends. I have been going to Dra. Tania Sanchez for regular skin cancer screenings and have been very happy with her.

One day over a year ago when I was there I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Aguila. I told him I wanted a neck lift and, of course, he suggested a full face life which I did not want. A year later I went for another consultation and decided that this was something that I did want to do. After all, I had been thinking about it for over 10 years. I was very clear that all I wanted was a neck life and a little filler around the mouth and nothing more. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Aguila as he took a full medical history as well as sending me for blood work. The next appointment he took pictures and gave me extensive information and instructions for before and after surgery which were very helpful. He also gave me prescriptions for pain killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and Arnica which is a local product which helps with bruising and swelling.

A date was booked for the surgery and plans made. It was 12 days hence as you have to stop all of your non-essential medications for at least 2 weeks.

Normally, Dr. Aguila does the surgery out here at lakeside but the clinic he uses is undergoing renovations so a trip to Guadalajara was necessary. Included in the price, however, is a taxi to and from the hospital. I did not need to avail myself of this service as my daughter and her boyfriend drove me in stayed overnight and drove me home the next day for which I was extremely grateful.

The clinic was very clean the staff very nice. Everything went well and the doctor was pleased with the result. I am sure I will be too but at the moment I look like a bag of hammers which I am assured will pass as the swelling and bruising abates. I can already see what the end result will be and I am thrilled.

The bandages were off before I came home and could have a shower that same day. You have to sleep on your back with your head elevated for a few days which was a bit of a challenge as I sleep on my side.

I am slowly getting back to normal and everyday it looks better. This kind of surgery is not for everyone but I am so happy that I finally pulled the trigger, as it were.

People’s reactions are funny too. My family was totally supportive as were my friends but then there was one that said “I would never have elective surgery”. That had always been my thinking until this young Dr. Aguila came to lakeside and is very knowledgeable about all the latest and least intrusive methods. Plus the fact I had seen firsthand 6 of his positive results which made me feel very comfortable.

For more information visit Dermika’s web site at:

I will keep you posted as to the final results when all is healed.

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