Tattooing at Yoly’s Unisex Salon

This morning when Yoly mentioned something about tattooing at her salon I was clearly taken aback.

Clearly I was thinking about the wrong kind of tattooing and not the cosmetic enhancing type.

Many of my friends have already availed themselves of cosmetic tattooing and have been very happy with the results.

Today there was an incident at Yoly’s I thought was worth mentioning. A women who had asked the price of eye liner tattoo and Yoly had told her it was $1,000.00 pesos for the upper eye liner alone and more for upper and lower. When the consultant had told the customer it was $1,600.00 for both she got very angry and said Yoly had said it was $1,000.00 and she was “going to tell everyone” about what had happened.

As Imelda, the consultant who had come out from Guadalajara specifically for this appointment, said obviously there must have been a misunderstanding and she would do both upper and lower for $1,000.00 pesos which, clearly was more than reasonable and generous. The woman said no and she repeated that she was “going to tell everyone”. She left in a snit leaving everyone feeling very badly about the unnecessary confrontation.

I have availed myself of Yoly’s services since I moved here in 1994 and have always been thrilled with her level of professionalism and that of her staff, the service and the prices.

I thought I would write this blog to post the prices for Yoly’s Cosmetic Tattooing so a misunderstanding like this did not happen again.

Upper eye liner – $1,000.00 pesos

Upper and lower eye liner – $1,600.00 pesos Eyebrows – $1,000.00 pesos

Outline of lips – $1,000.00 pesos

Outline and filled in lips – $1,800.00

For an appointment for these services you can call Yoly’s at 766-2260 and book with Imelda who is the professional that comes out from Guadalajara. Yoly’s is located in the Plaza de Bugambilias in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

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