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Taylor Pool Service

We have been here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for almost 18 years and, as many people do, we have a pool.

We had a wonderful pool man at our house in Villa Nova that we had come to us here in our new house 12 years ago but he, sadly for us but happily for him], went on to be a successful contractor.

We then hired a person who had gone to school with our kids and were happy with him for many years. The last couple of years we have not been happy and I had given this person many chances to address the problems of our pool and things would be OK for a while then go back to being problematic. It seemed our pool always looked like a swamp particularly when we had company. We have installed new pumps, filters and timers and still we had problems.

Also there seemed to be a revolving door of different “technicians” coming to service the pool. Every time we had to get the dogs accustomed to the new person which involved a great deal of barking.

We think we are pretty good employers and we have had our maid and gardener for over 17 years. Our maid, in fact, married, the gardener’s son and their entire romance played out in our very nice outdoor laundry area.

I had been thinking about firing our pool man for some but when my husband said “why is our pool always green?” I decided to act. Complicating the issue was the fact I am able to see the pool next door which is always pristine and blue.

I got the name and phone number of our neighbor’s person and after calling him three times and leaving messages with his wife I gave up on him.

It took me several days to get the name and # of our daughter’s boyfriend’s person who I decided to try and make contact with because she told me their pool was always wonderful.

I called and got a hole of Carlos Taylor immediately at 045 331 410 4414. He has another # for messages which is (376) 766-4883 and you can also email Carlos at:

We set up an appointment for 10:00 am the following morning. He was late but apologized as the numbers on our street are not in any particular order which is normal as blueberry pie in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

He is the same price as our previous pool man including all chemicals and speaks fluent English. I liked him immediately particularly because he said my daughter spoke perfect Spanish which, of course, she does.

Last night my husband commented that he could see he bottom of the pool. I knew then, as difficult as it had been I had, indeed, made the right decision.

Carlos offers pool maintenance, solar panels, filters, pumps, plastic covers and all manner of pool repairs.

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