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Television & Satellite Options in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

TV and Satellite in Ajijic, Mexico

Star Choice now Shaw Direct is available here.  It is Canadian programming in English with the 3 major networks and Fox.  Various programming packages are available now including HBO Canada.

Sky is a Mexican company with channels in English and movies in English with Spanish subtitles.

MVS Communications has joined with the EchoStar Corporation to offer new low cost satellite TV in Mexico.

This service to be know as Dish Mexico will deliver a wide variety of audio and video channels in al all digital format via an EchoStar provided high powered direct broadcast satellite.

The basic package includes children’s programming from Disney, Jetix, Nick, Discovery Kids and cartoon network; general entertainment from Universal, Sony, Warner, 52MX, E! Entertainment TV and Scifi;  educational channel from Discovery, Animal  Planet, The History Channel and Infinite; sports from ESPN and ESPN2 and Fox Sports; music channels from MTV and Exa TV and movie channels from TNT, The Film Zone,. MC, Multipremier and Cine Latino.  In addition Dish offers movie packages with no commercial breaks.

The basic service includes 25 Spanish an English language channels for $139.00 pesos per month.

There is also our local cable provider which is Telecable. Telecable also offers internet and phone services.  A complete list of their channels, services and prices are available at their outlet just before Maskaras Clinic on the carretera.  Their phone # is 765-4550.

You will also see Direct TV sign up kiosks along the carretera.

A very knowledgeable person to talk to in Ajijic is Michael Merriman at Satellite Services of Ajijic at 766-1117. He would be a good source as to what would be the best choice for you in your particular area.

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