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As I have often said things have come a long way here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala since we moved here in 1994.  The infrastructure is so much more comprehensive and it is much easier to get things done for the most part.

Recently I had Telmex come to our house as our internet was very spotty which we had not been experiencing since we switched to the internet service that Telmex offers.

A man came and checked everything out and said we had a lot of dead wires on our house that were impeding service.  He said he could not fix the problem and we had to get an outside electrician to come and sort things out.  This made no sense to me as they knew which were and were not Telmex wires which are blue and white inside.

Nonetheless, I had someone come and try to unravel the faulty wires at no little cost to me.  Things seemed to be better but very soon we were having the same problems with iternet going in and out and slow response time.

I called Telemex again explained the problem and another man came out with the first man and proceeded to undertake the task of  rewiring our house and bringing it up to code.  Why this could not have happened the first time is beyond me but there you have it.

We have an telephone outlet beside our bed but at the time I did not have a phone for this outlet.  The Telmex man said he would leave the outlet (salida) working so when we got a new phone we could just plug it in and everything would be fine.

Alas that was not the case.  I bought a new phone did the mandatory charging before plugging it into the phone outlet as the instructions suggested but it did, in fact, not work.  I tried the new phone in another room and, of course, it worked perfectly.

I then called the man who had done the work on our house and assured me that this salida would work and he said he would report it and a man would come the next day.  A man did not come the next day so I called Telmex and they said I had to report the problem at 050.  I did call 050 and was asked for my report # which I did not have as I had yet been unable to make said report.  As no other option was offered up I went to Telmex this morning to make the necessary report.

Fortunately, I was first in line and got served forthwith.  I asked the man if he spoke English and he said ” un poco” so I spoke to him in Spanish and made sure that I did, in fact, get a report # before I left.  He told me a man would come on Monday to fix the outlet in question.

In short it will be almost a week since I bought the phone and was able to get the salida (which I was told worked fine) to work.

There is a 01 800 number on your Telmex bill that you can call if you have any difficulties but I suggest the best course is to go to the Telmex office across from Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic.

On the plus side our internet is working fine.

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