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Tennis and Golf in the Ajijic, Lake Chapala Area

Tennis and Golf in the Ajijic, Lake Chapala Area

A lot of newcomers to Ajijic, Lake Chapala wonder about tennis and golf facilities. Today we are going to talk about tennis.

Years ago when we arrived my son and I were looking for a group to play tennis with. At a cocktail party a lovely woman mentioned to me about the round robins that were in place at the Racquet Club in San Juan Cosala Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Off we went rackets in hand to look for this group. We were very pleasantly surprised at the wonderful facilities which boasted 10 newly refurbished courts, a swimming pool, hot tub and fresh juices and other tasty snacks on hand served to you courtside.

We joined up with the group and found all ages and levels of players to play with. It was largely doubles and everyone was interested in having a fun time and getting exercise.

The views of the lake and the mountains were spectacular and we happily played there for several years enjoying the company of many who became great friends. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed playing with my son as he was young and a very good player and I think he brought a breath of springtime to the group.

At that time there was a father and daughter team of coaches who gave private lessons and organized tournaments for the group. It was a wonderful experience for both my son and I and we would probably still be playing there happily if my son had not gone off to university and my knee had not been stricken with arthritis making the quick stopping and starting of tennis very painful. Strangely enough this affliction does not bother my golf game in the least and walking the cartless Chula Vista is a breeze.

Although we have not been there for several years I am sure there is still a group ready to welcome newcomers and we were welcomed.