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The Aftermathea

Today is Friday, December 27th and we are back to reality.

I  woke up this morning at 4:00 am and realized that I did not hear any noise from downstairs where our son and daughter-in-law should have been hustling to get ready for leave from Guadalajara for their trip back to Toronto.  I went downstairs immediately and roused them from a deep sleep and they left the house only 10 minutes past schedule so disaster was averted.

Then as I drove to do some chores I remembered that my car insurance ran out today.  So I scrambled to our insurance agent check in hand to make sure my coverage continued.  Mission accomplished.

We were fortunate to have our grandson with us for the holidays this year.  This did, however, create a mountain of garbage along with the remnants of our last night with our son and his wife so we are going to have to bribe the garbage men to take away the 20 or so bags of trash.

The aftermath of Christmas is always hectic, messy and a little sad.  I did mange to get a lot done yesterday in terms of cleaning up and we will leave our tree, decorations and lights up until January 6th (Three Kings Day) which is the tradition.

All the wrapping paper and gift bags are put away and dinner last night was leftovers from our lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners.

My daughters are out getting us Tortas Ahogadas for brunch.  We do not have to cook dinner tonight but are going out with our friends which is something we always look forward to.

I just need to hear that my son and his wife are home safely and I will relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays.  They are flying back to Toronto which has been a mess weather and electricity wise and I am hoping all will be well by the time they get home.

Having our 2 and a half year old grandson with us has been a terrific experience.  Christmas is always much more magical when you have a child in the house.  He enjoyed his Christmas thoroughly and we enjoyed it all the more for his excitement and glee.

We are counting our blessings and are feeling very peaceful despite the torrential downpour of rain which is most unseasonable.

We will have a quiet week-end and gear up for a lovely New Year’s Eve with friends and family.

We hope you all had a happy holiday and wish everyone the very best for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

A special thanks to the Eagers for their support and friendship always.

Please remember Gladys Orozco Stojko from Consiencia Animal who does so much to help the puppies and dogs of Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  We need to get as many of these wonderful dogs adopted and out of the rain.  Gladys can be contacted through Facebook at Gladys Orozco Stojko to find out the many ways you can help.

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