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The Ajijic Meat Center

The Ajijic Meat Center is located on the libramiento Chapala-Ajijic 132-17 in the Plaza Interlago right next to the Gil offices behind the Pemex Gas Station. Their phone # is (376) 766-4554. Their hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

I have heard a lot about this Meat Center and went there once and was not impressed. I continued to hear good things from people that I trusted (foodies if you will) and so I decided I would give it another try.

We had decided that we wanted lamb chops for dinner and I must admit I did try Tony’s Meats and Superlake in San Antonio before I ventured to the Ajijic Meat Center again. When I walked in the store the entire feeling was different. It was bright and welcoming and it had a large selection of French cut lamb chops to choose from. In Spanish they are called chuletas de cordero.

Everything is frozen so I do not suggest that you rush into the Ajijic Meat Center at the last minute for something to cook for dinner that night.

I was, fortunately, armed from beginning with this information so went in the morning and the chops were perfect when my husband BBQed them for dinner.

The Ajijic Meat Center has a very wide range of imported cuts of meat and they also have some other imported products for your dining pleasure.

The staff was very friendly, helpful and welcoming.

We enjoyed the lamb chops thoroughly and I must say my husband cooked them perfectly.

I was very happy about my second visit to the Ajijic Meat Center and know for certain there will be a third, fourth and fifth etc. visit.

Now based on our experience and the experience of friends I can recommend the Ajijic Meat Center with confidence.

Buen Provecho!

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