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The Animal Shelter in RIberas Del Pilar, Jalisco, Mexico

Animal Shelter A.C.

The Animal Shelter is located at Hidalgo # 212 in Riberas del Pilar. Their phone # is 765-5514.

Geoffrey Kaye, longtime resident and owner of the shelter, is truly a pillar of the community. All proceeds from products sold at the shelter to back into food and caring for the many cats and dogs he gives homes to until they can be adopted.

The shelter is connected to the Ladron Veterinarian Clinic. Both Antonio and Hector Ladron are excellent vets and have looked after our animals with care and kindness for 16 years.

The shelter sells all makes and manner of animal food and supplies at very competitive prices and has a wonderful facility for cats and dogs with many caring volunteers to look after them. One of the great things that Geoffrey organizes is having the children from various orphanages in Ajijic, Lake Chapala come to the shelter to walk and play with the dogs and cats. This is an activity that is enjoyed by the kids and the animals alike.

You can imagine our surprise, then, when on Monday of this week, we received an email saying the shelter was in danger of being closed as one person had 8 signatures to protest the noise from the dog shelter.

Four government officials arrived at the door of the shelter and threatened to remove all dogs on the spot and euthanize them forthwith.

Geoffrey managed to convince them to give him 48 hours to find homes for the 14 dogs that were currently in his care.

Tuesday over 1,000 people arrived to the shelter to sign a petition to keep it open and, thankfully, all 14 dogs were adopted.

We ourselves adopted a 7 month old male golden retriever/lab but, unfortunately, two of our family members were allergic to him. Our son’s friend, however, saved the day, as he was going to the shelter to get a dog that very day, and, happily, took this sweet kind puppy home to his beautiful house and big garden in the Racquet Club.

Although things are still up in the air we have subsequently learned that because of the overwhelming support Geoffrey and shelter received it stands every chance to remain open and the continue the wonderful service it provides to the community and it’s animals.

If you wish to get involved with this most worthwhile venture an ensure the shelter stays open to continue its great work please call Geoffrey at 765-5514 and ask what you can to do help.

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