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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

We very much miss watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  We watched him every night four nights a week and agreed with his assessments of almost everything he had an opinion on.

When Jon was away making his movie “Rosewater” one of his correspondents, John Oliver, replaced him and we thought he did an outstanding job.

We were, of course, happy to have Jon Stewart back but did miss John Oliver and now are happy he has his own show on HBO on Sunday nights called Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver. We watch his show whenever we can and again agree with him on most all issues he gets into.  Like Jon Stewart there is humor but very strong, inciteful opinions too.

Last night was a particularly strong program talking about what has to happen to actually change the gun laws and what we have to do to make that happen.

The second part of the program was about Brexit or Britain’s vote on Thursday, June 23rd, whether or not to secede from the European Union and what the UK Independent Party or UKIP is trying to do to push this secession forward.  He also clearly points out the benefits of staying in the European Union not only for Britain but for the economic welfare worldwide.

As is turns out we, in Mexico, have some skin in this game inasmuch as the peso is going through a bad patch breaking the 19 peso barrier this week.  Britain seceding from the European Union would affect the global markets in a very unfavorable way.

What you might wish to do is either google the pros and cons of Brexit or download last night’s episide of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and find out exactly what is happening with this vote on Thursday, Jun 23rd and how it might affect us here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

If you have friends and family in Britain you might want to contact them to do the same and make sure they are not being misled by the UK Independent Party.  John explains very clearly why staying in the European Europe benefits Britain and most of the rest of the world.   Money spend monthly into the EU comes back tenfold to benefit Britain in so many areas.

I had not heard about Brexit until recently but now knowing how it might affect global economies I am paying very close attention to this vote on Thursday, Jun 23rd.

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