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The Dry Season

We have now entered into what we call the “dry season” .  This is the season that usually lasts from the beginning of April until the rainy season which starts June 15th and usually lasts until October 15th.

The “dry season” is the least favorite time of the year for many.  A lot of people chose to travel during this time of year for a number of reasons.  It tends to be a little warm and dusty until the rains come in June.  There can be water shortages in some areas and it is an interesting season for bugs as well.  The scorpions are scampering around happily and also the Black Widow spiders are hiding out in wood piles and any other corners they can find.  This is why it is suggested that we wear gloves while working in the garden.

With scorpions the smaller the more dangerous.  If you are stung  by a scorpion take an antihistamine or go to the doctor for a shot. Many people who are stung by scorpions require no medical attention at all.  Black Widows are easily identified by a bright red dot on a jet black body and a bright yellow dot on the female.  Also you will notice that their webs are not in the usual circular pattern of most other spiders but is a mass of gossimer lines going every which way.  If you do see a Black Widow kill it forthwith and if you do get bitten go directly to your doctor.  Another place they are fond of is in the toes of shoes or slippers in your closet.  To this day I still shake out all my clothes and shoes before donning them.

Today another critter crept into my world.  When I came home from shopping I saw my neighbor leaning over and looking at something outside my garage.  I got out of the car and looked too and saw a diamond patterned small smake which then slithered into our garage.

I called immediately for my wonderful maid, Viki, who has been with us for 20 years and she got a guy from the street who said it was a baby rattlesnake and was very dangerous despite being so small.  I guess it was 12 ” long.  He killed it somehow I was hiding in the house at the time and I am fumigating inside and out first thing in the morning.

The only other snake I had ever seen here was a small brown garter snake who was coiled in the pool shed of our old house in La Floresta.

Some people are not happy about some of our varments but my feeling it that it is a small price to pay for living in paradise.

My son and daughter have both been stung by scorpions and lived to tell the story and, so far, we have been lucky enough to see Black Widows before they have seen us.  They were dispatched forthwith.

Just keep your eyes open and fumigate regularly.  I use a product called Cynoff which can be purchased at Jara Hardware store beside Telmex and my gardener sprays inside and outside of the house every 4-6 weeks. I also like this product as it is not harmful to pets.

Often when is it windy as it has been the last night and today you will find more things you would rather not find.  All will be well when the rainy season comes and the ratio of people to bugs will get back to a desirable balance.

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