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The First Rain Birds

Rain Birds are very important because when you first hear their plaintive sound which is hard to describe but you certainly will know it when you hear it as it is a very unique mournful cry, it means relief is on the way.

We all get very excited when we first hear the Rain Birds as we know the warm and sometimes dusty weather of April and May is coming soon to an end.

We have been very lucky this year as April was very pleasant and only a tad warmish for the last few days of the month.

It was not dusty at all but May could be a very different story.  May is the month that a lot of people take vacations but for us Canadians neither April or May are particularly unpleasant.

Once we hear the Rain Birds we feel wonderful knowing our favorite season will soon be upon us.

A couple of weeks ago friends of mine who live near La Canacinta on the west end of Ajijic and and another friend who lives in La Floresta in Ajijic all heard the Rain Birds.  For my daughter and I we heard the first Rain Bird yesterday.

The Rain Bird is not a pretty insect and from all accounts they are harmless but they do measure approximately 3 inches long.

The Rainy Season is not often experienced by the Snow Birds as they usually come after US Thanksgiving to just before Easter so they miss it altogether.  Once one has experienced the Rainy Season, however, it becomes their favorite season of the year too.

It generally only rains at night and is still warm and sunny during the day.  Everything is very lush and plush and the mountains are like green velvet and the flowers and flowering trees are in gay profusion.

The smells are wonderful and the cobblestones are washed clean.  We still can play golf and tennis every day and take our coffee and meals outdoors.

We are so lucky to live in the finest climate in the world.  Some say Kenya has a better climate but we think we do and we certainly have a better political climate.

So when you hear the first Rain Bird it is a wonderful omen of a magnificent season to come.

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