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The First Rain Birds

Our friends live just outside Ajijic going west towards Jocotepec. Last night they heard the first rain birds of the season.

Rain birds are not acutally birds but are large insects that herald the rainy season will be here in 6 weeks.

This is always very welcome news and it is always very exciting to hear the first rain birds. This year April has been a beautiful month and the weather has been fantastic. Very often April and May can be a little hot and dusty as we all eagerly await the rains and the most beautiful season of the year here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, the “Rainy Season”.

Most of the snow birds have headed back north and I always think it is a shame that they do not get to experience this amazing time of year from June 15th to October 15th. We are used to thunderstorms coming from Toronto, Ontario but the storms we have experienced there are nothing like the dramatic and exciting thunder and lightning storms we get here.

For those lucky enough to have view of Lake Chapala you can see the storm start at one end of the lake and make its way spectacularly to the other end. This is truly a spectacle not to be missed.

It usually only rains at night so the days are still warm and sunny. Everything smells wonderful and fresh and the flowers and flowering trees are in gay profusion.

The brown mountains turn into green velvet and everything is very lush and wonderful.

We have the privilege of living in paradise and never is it more magnificent than the rainy season.

Gardens bloom with many colorful flowers and smells and less water is needed to keep your grass and gardens green and lush.

Naturally, if you have dogs, as most of us do, you might want to keep a towel at the door as they happily play in the muddy garden and then come in to leap on your white furniture. Drying off wet paws is a very necessary rainy season activity.

So when you hear the rain birds you will learn to love their sound knowing that the rainy season is only about 6 weeks away.

Paraguas (umbrellas) can be bought at the dollar store beside the bank in downtown Ajijic or Walmart.

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