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I used to think that I was not a bad cook. For years I did all of the big family dinners and always made an extra effort on Sunday.

When I lived in the country in Ontario, Canada, I did everything. I pickled and canned put up and put down, cooked Pheasant Smitane and made Rhubarb cordial.

Once we had children just getting dinner on the table becomes an effort and I have a husband who does not eat all day and when he comes home after work it is with his napkin in his chin and his knife and fork at the ready. Now my daughter is the best cook in the family and my husband is a close second. He cooks breakfast and dinner every Sunday and other days too if the mood strikes him. We are always thrilled when our daughter is in the kitchen. The aromas coming out of the kitchen when she is cooking are amazing and her use of spices is intricate and fabulous.

I now find myself third in line of the chefs of our house and have become very fond of watching cooking shows and using the Food Network has become an excellent resource.

You can access the Food Network at: Then you can go to specific chefs, shows or recipes. For example key in the ingredient you are interested in and several savory recipes will pop up. These recipes tell you the amount of cooking time, the chef who created them, how they are rated and what key ingredients are required.

This system certainly has taken the guesswork out of dinner preparation and I have never been disappointed with the results of any recipe I have tried. Some, of course, are better than others and some go into our food rotation and others do not make it. We are very particular.

I am very fortunate to have two such great chefs in the family and between the three of us we eat very well.

It is difficult, however, trying to diet with such wonderful food and aromas wafting through the house. Maybe it takes a little longer to lose those few pounds but life is short and excellent food is always very exciting, naturally, paired with great wines.

I learned to cook from the Joy of Cooking and then graduated to Julia Child and Elizabeth David. The Joy of Cooking takes you carefully from step to step assuming that you cannot boil water. Elizabeth David on the other hand assumes that you have been cooking in Provence successfully since you were three.

Fortunately, now in Ajijic, Lake Chapala we are able to get all the exotic ingredients we need for our dishes.

Bon Provecho!

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