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"The Help" in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

We are so lucky to have had our Viki for the 23 years we have been here.  Luckily we still have her and she is part of the family. Viki has watched or kids grow up and asks about them all the time when they are not here.  She and her family stay here when we go away and our dogs sleep with her and her husband. Viki knew exactly what to do to keep our house clean and got on with it immediately.  Any Spanish I know I have learned from her and she is invaluable to me. She met her husband at our old house and he was the son of our gardener.  They carried out their courtship in our outdoor laundry room and now have 2 lovely daughters.  We were invited to the wedding and sat at the head table. When she had her two babies she made sure that one of her sisters came to help us until she was ready to come back to work. Today it occurred to me again how much I appreciate everything she does for us.  I had bought three blinds for the one end of our terraza that looks onto a house next door and the gardener put them up.  They fell down several times as we are still having some winds.  My gardener fixed them once and they fell down again.  So the gardener (who is normally quite handy) could not secure the blinds nor could my husband.  It was Viki who fixed them securely. I tell Viki often how much I appreciate her and we are very lucky to have her with us.  She is a very sweet and kind person who looks after our entire family beautifully.  She was professionally trained at a hotel and also  runs a business from her house in the afternoons. I know many other people who have wonderful experiences with their “help” and I believe it is in the Mexican’s DNA to be kind and thoughtful We are so lucky to live in paradise and even luckier to have Viki.

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