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The Importance of Health

I am sure some of you have an idea of my feelings that good health comes first and it is very important to grab the reins of your own health.

This morning at Superlake, while doing my daily food shopping, I have had to avoid hugs and kisses with many friends wanting to wish me Happy New Year because I have an almost cold. I say that because I am still managing to fend off a full blown cold with daily doses of Echinacea and, of course, I did have my flu shot.

My husband got sick first in Canada and I did manage to get him better when I arrived there a week later. Then he has relapsed twice but is hanging in there as he has clients from out of town here so one soldiers on.

My son has been sick since December 19th and a seeming cold has turned into pneumonia and, as it is not any better after several courses of antibiotics, jarabes, (cough syrups) a series of injections and oxygen treatments, we are now awaiting the results of a culture text taken yesterday. I forgot to mention the Vick’s Vapor Rub thrown in for good measure.

His fiancé has a cold of course and so does my daughter and her boyfriend has bronchitis. He is a little better after 2 days of bed rest and nobody is laughing at me now that I bought the giant family pack of Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Cold Complete when in Canada. This is a wonderful product (only available sporadically in Ajijic, Lake Chapala) which works for all of us except those with pneumonia or bronchitis.

I am dosing myself daily and getting on with it as we have a houseful of people to feed and a wedding to plan which is bearing down on us with lightning speed. Also as of February 3rd the Canadian and American relatives arrive for the festive occasion.

All of these things are usually cause for great joy but when one is under the weather reaching for the remote can be too much to deal with. The other night I went to bed early which I am trying to do most nights without taking my Tylenol Cold pills. I lay there in bed hoping someone would come and get them for me as the thought of getting up to travel the 6 feet to procure said pills was not something I could entertain.

Fortunately, my almost daughter-in-law came to check on me, waking me and the dogs happily sleeping on the bed with me, and got my pills for me. I will be forever in her debt.

We are all working very hard on getting healthy again and appreciate always that we live in paradise with wonderful warm sunshine which not only is good for the soul but is also good for recovery.


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