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The Internet

I don’t think one really appreciates our world of technology until you are without the internet for 6 days.

I left my computer on last Wednesday night in case my husband sent me a message that he has safely arrived at his destination.  When I went out to the living room in the morning there was that nasty little icon denoting “no internet access”.  Naturally, I tried everything possible to reestablish connection and even spent 30 minutes on the phone with an English speaking trouble shooter who could not solve the problem either.

I later found out that there was a bigger problem with a zone that encompassed parts of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Techinicians were already at work on the problem and it would be solved as soon as possible. I called the Telmex number of 01 800 123 2222 (where you can speak to an English speaking person) twice a day for the next 5 and  one half days looking for updates.

I, along with most people I know, use the internet for everything.  I do my International banking on it, I conduct my business on it, I stay in touch with friends and family on it, I Skype on it totally replacing long distance calls, I send out emails on it and I blog twice a week for Collins Real Estate on it.  On Saturday I actually had to make some phone calls which I have not done in some time.

I was unable to blog last Friday or yesterday, as usual, but I did get the internet back today in time to send my sister her weekly email (even though we did miss our Saturday Skype call) and I am happy to once again be blogging.

I know I could have gone to the office or an internet cafe but I like doing my business, banking and correspondence etc. from my home.

We were able to leech our neighbor’s signal and if my daughter sat on their front stoop she was able to check her email, facebook etc.

We are now reconnected and I am thrilled.  I also have a phone number at Telmex where I can apply for a credit for the days I did not have service.  I have not made this call yet and if the past is any indication a credit will not likely be forthcoming.  For those of you who may be game to try and get a credit the phone number is on the front of your Telmex bill ending in 0000.

Buena Suerte as we say in our language!

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