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The Joy of Children

The Joy of Children

My laptop has been acting up for some time. As I told you in a previous blog my daughter and I implemented AVG PC Tune Up which seemed to make things better for a while. I still recommend this as a very good tool to keep your computer running smoothly.

I began again to have problems with start- up and had to try several times before it would, in fact, boot up. Sometimes it would make a very unpleasant beeping sound so I would turn if off directly and try again in a few minutes.

This lasted for a few days and then finally, one dismal morning, it would not start at all. Obviously, it had been trying to tell me for some time that it was not happy but I chose to ignore it hoping it would go away all by itself and all would be well.

Clearly this was not the best course of action to take. I made the decision to contact my computer guy, Beto, to see if he could come and help me and fix my computer sharpish.

He called the next morning and came over and after no more than 15 minutes of tinkering he told me he had to take it to his house and it would probably be ready the next morning.

I was sad about this but not devastated as I do keep my son’s old laptop which has a screen that no longer works so I have it hooked up to a monitor and between the two devices we manage to get the job done in a pinch.

The next morning Beto called me which was a very bad sign. Sure enough he could not fix my laptop and it had to go to Guadalajara as the motherboard needing repair. He went onto say that he could loan me a laptop in the interim and switch my hard drive onto the loaner laptop. It would take about two weeks to fix my laptop.

He brought the loaner laptop to me a day later and I was all set. That night I came out of the bedroom to check my sites and see if anyone was looking for me but it was sleeping and I could not wake it up.

This was a very different laptop to mine with many more bells and whistles. My husband and I spent some time trying to figure this device’s secrets but were unsuccessful. I tried going online on my makeshift computer in the den but could not find any answers as to how to wake up this sleeping laptop.

I finally found the power button but it did nothing. I decided to go to bed before I threw in out the window and I would call Beto in the morning.

I could not reach him but my darling daughter came over to bring me flowers, cards and beautiful presents and she fixed the sleeping laptop in about 5 seconds. It was the best Mother’s Day present she could have given me. The particular laptop has the power button clearly marked, however, it was not where you pushed the power button which to me made no sense at all.

It was perfectly straightforward to my daughter and I know she was secretly laughing at her inept mother.

If you do not have a computer literate child at hand Beto can be reached at home at 766-2823 or on his cell 045 331 016 4739.

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