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The Joys of Internet Servers – Part 2

It is March 31st and I finally have a new “rooter” (router) and my wireless is working throughout my house. All is right with the world.

This was not accomplished easily, however, and, as promised, here is the second and, hopefully, last installment of my trials and tribulations with our Internet Server.

I have been calling regularly on a daily basis to our server always getting a different person, always asked for different information and always given a different excuse as to why I had no wireless service in our house. The last excuse being they did not have any “rooters” and did not know when they would have one available.

Yesterday I managed to get through to a person who will remain nameless but who assured me they were going to swap for a “rooter” with another client and I would have it yesterday afternoon.

When this “swapped rooter” did not materialize, as you can imagine, I was less than amused. When I called this morning I got the old story that there were no “rooters” available. I counted to ten and jumped in my car and drove directly to our Internet Servers offices and demanded to speak to the person who had promised me a “rooter” yesterday. Miraculously, he was able to find one for me and then the fun began. They told me I had to pay for it. This after two weeks of no service. I was a tad miffed and was unable to articulate my displeasure in English let alone Spanish.

After an hour it was ascertained that the faulty “rooter” was mine and not theirs so if I wanted them to supply a “rooter” I had to pay for installation and a monthly rental for the remainder of the contract as we did with the modem. As our son is now in Thailand I had no idea that the router they took away, with promises of a new one the next day was, indeed, mine and clearly they did not know this either.

This, of course, begs the question “Why had they not told me this apparently vital piece of information earlier in the piece say two weeks ago?” It is not as if I had not been in constant communication with them and they had ample opportunity to share this with me rather than just choosing to put me off on a daily basis with idle promises.

I am very happy to once again have wireless internet in our house and I think we have learned a vital lesson here. If you need to get something done and your Spanish is less than perfect the best bet is to have a face to face discussion in hopes of resolving the issue.

When I left their offices with all the paperwork done and paid for I was told the technician would come to our house in a ratito (few minutes). This was at 11:00 a.m. and they did indeed arrive at 5:20 p.m. It took all of 30 seconds to install the new router and all is well.

I did ask for a two week credit for no service but as they saw it the fault was mine as it was my router that was the culprit so I don’t imagine any credit will be forthcoming.

My advice to you and what I hope you take away from this blog is if you experience a similar problem make sure you know who owns what equipment. Believe me it makes a difference.

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