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The Lock Shop

This is a place that all newcomers need to know about. The reason for this is all houses in Ajijic, Lake Chapala seem to have a different key for every door and in the case of larger houses this can run to a very heavy key ring indeed.

Why it is necessary to have a different key for every door is something I have never been able to figure out despite extensive interrogation but there you have it. The Lock Shop is a small blue kiosk affair beside the Coca Cola outlet just east of Walmart on the south side of the carretera in San Antonio Tlayacapan. It is clearly marked Lock Shop but the hours seem to be a little haphazard. As I was joking with a friend today that The Lock Shop has a very small window and seemed to open from 2:-00-2:15 pm every second Thursday. I jest, of course.

If you are able to ever find them open you can procure a business card which gives you several phone numbers and they do provide service to your house. They also have a wide selection of key rings and other paraphernalia and all makes of car keys.

English is spoken and I have personal firsthand knowledge of their professionalism and prompt service.

Once when my friend could not get into her rental house I drove to the blue kiosk and the owner jumped in the car with me and he managed to fix the broken lock in minutes for a mere $200.00 pesos and even found his own way back.

The service of making keys is very fast and reasonable. Today I needed 6 keys for a new front gate lock and the cost was $78.00 pesos. Having said that I remember when it was $5.00 pesos per key but everything has gone up in the 17 years we have lived here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

I will give you the phone numbers for emergency services:

Yiyo Cel. 045 331 021 6637 Juan Cel. 045 331 250 7819 Abe Cel. 045 331 040 9838 Casa (376) 766-1074 Taller (376) 766-5839

Another very worthwhile service The Lock Shop provides is Transponder Car Key Programming and they also replace these controls.

I think they open around 10:00 am and close about 2:00 pm but I will not be held responsible for the validity of these hours.

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