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The Loyal Fan

I am an avid watcher of golf and tennis on television. I particularly enjoy the four major tournaments in each sport. I used to watch these events with my father and always think of him when I am enjoying a match.

I used to love watching golf during Tiger Woods’ heydays and seldom missed a tournament. He was and still can be a very exciting golfer to follow. He could make golf shots that other golfers had never dreamed of making.

After Tiger’s troubles I lost interest in him and golf for the most part but still enjoyed The Masters, The British Open, The US Open and the PGA. It is still exciting when Tiger wins but that does not happen very often at the moment. There is speculation as to whether he will ever win another major and continue to try and equal Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major wins. Right now Wimbledon is on from London, England which is the third major tournament after The Australian and French Open with the US Open being the last major of the tennis calendar.

It is no secret that my favorite player is Rafael Nadal and I have been watching him since he was 17. He eclipsed the great Roger Federer to be the number one player in the world but lost that title to Novak Djokovic last year. Rafa, however, has won 7 French Open major tournaments and clearly clay is his best surface even though he has been victorious on all surfaces and has won all four major tennis tournaments.

Rafa has won Wimbledon in the past and I was looking forward to him winning it again this year. He only lost The Australian in a tight 5 set match with Djokovic and beat him in The French Open. I thought he was definitely on his way back to number one. He is currently number two.

Unfortunately, Rafa lost in a brutal 5 set match to the number 100 player in the world, Lukas Rosol a couple of nights ago on center court. Lukas played the match of his life to pull off this major upset but lost today in 3 quick sets to Kohlschreiber.

I will, of course, continue to watch Wimbledon as I love the great tradition of this tournament but my heart is not in it. I was devastated to see Rafa go out in the second round.

There are other players I do like. Andy Murray the nice Scottish boy will have my vote now. I do like Roger Federer and he and Rafa are great friends and ambassadors for the game of tennis but I do not want anyone to win that will affect Rafa’s number two rating.

It is amazing how we do have our strong loyalties but that is sports.

Vamos Rafa!

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