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The Masters 2015

My husband is a golfer.  Actually, he is quite a good golfer.  When we lived in Toronto, Canada he certainly did not get to golf as much as would have liked and there is only a few months when you can  golf there anyway.

Now that we live here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala he is able to golf 12 months of the year.  Outdoor living is wonderful here whether you are into golf, tennis or any other outdoor sport or just enjoy outdoor eating or walking the climate here is perfect all the time.

We do have a rainy season from June 15 – October 15 but it usually only rains at night and is beautiful, warm and sunny during the day.

I do not golf as much as my husband but I do enjoy watching it on TV particularly the majors.  The first major of the year, The Masters, started yesterday and looks like it is going to be very exciting judging from the low scoring already.  This is something that my husband can share.

We do not agree on TV for the most part and with the possible exception of Downton Abbey our tastes are very different.  There are one or two other programs we do enjoy watching but that is it.  Although we have Shaw Direct from Canada we only had one Shaw Reciever so we could only watch one program on both TV’s.  This meant the other person had to watch extremely grainy, snowy TV on Telecable which was usually me.

Then through the grace of God I was gifted another Shaw Receiver and am waiting to have it hooked up.  We did, at one point have another receiver but my husband gave it away thinking we would never want to watch different programming. I am all for the power of positive thinking.

The good thing about this week-end is that we both will thoroughly enjoy watching The Masters which is an amazing tournament out of the Augusta National Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia.  This tournament is steeped in tradition and the course is beautiful, well manicured and has a wonderful golf history attached to Butler Cabin. It also has the fabled Amen Corner which is three very difficult holes 11, 12 and 13.

We will plan our entire week-end around watching this tournament together including meal planning and social engagements.

It is always a fun way to spend the week-end and we will have a lovely time especially if one of our favorties win.  We usually even agree on who we would like to see take the Green Jacket which is the trophy for winning this prestigeous event.

Tomorrow our new Shaw Receiver is being hooked up so am I looking foward to clear sailing, TV watching wise heretofore.

Enjoy The Masters!

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