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The New and Improved Miguel Hidalgo Airport in Guadalajara

I am not sure about you but air travelling has somewhat lost its luster for me.  I remember when we used to put on our pumps and pearls and look forward to what delicious meal we might be served on board.

Now it is a situation that has to be endured with as little discomfort and stress possible and there are certainly no delicious meals forthcoming.  In fact, one is now lucky to get a packet of peanuts.

Recently our daughter, her husband and their new baby arrived from Toronto through Houston.  The leg from Toronto to Houston was duck soup but the the leg from Houston to Guadalajara not so much.  The airport in Toronto was empty but in Houston there were so many people it was difficult to move.  This with all their luggage, stroller, baby etc.

The second flight looked like it was going to be OK but at the last minute it was determined that the plane was too heavy and 28 pieces of luggage had to be taken off the plane.  They offered $600.00 US for anyone who wished to get off the place and take a later flight but as that was offered in vouchers it was declined summarily by my family.

They arrived only an hour late and without only one bag.  We felt this was a very fortunate outcome.  I was a little worried about the missing bag as it seemed in the past whenever my daughter travelled anywhere in the past her luggage never made it home with her.  She took to travelling with only one carry on bag as it usually took at least two trips back to the airport to collect her missing bags.

This, of course, was out of the question with all their bags, stroller, baby etc.

They filled out a form describing the missing bag and they said it would be delivered the next day to our house in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

To my great surprise and delight it was, in fact, delivered to our door the next day totally in tact.

Things continue to improve in our little slice of paradise in the sun.  The Guadalajara Airport has been totally refurbished and updated and parking facilities are vastly improved.  The service staff are very pleasant and competent and cabs and vans are at the ready to whisk one out to Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

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