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The People of Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The People of Mexico

What I’ve always loved most about Mexico is how warm and friendly the people are. The Mexican culture is very family oriented. In the United States and Canada children can’t wait until their 18th birthday, making them legally able to flee their homes and become independent. While there is nothing wrong with wanting some independence, I believe that children leaving home at such a young age lose some of their family values.

In Mexico, most children, especially the girls, stay at home well into their 20s. The family bond is very strong, and the children are brought up going to school and then working in the family business. It is a cycle. The children are born, raised, and looked after until a certain age, and then it is the children’s turn to look after their parents. It is a special sight to see.

Aside from the family life here in Mexico, the people are so warm and friendly. The Mexican culture is quite peaceful and harmonious. Everyone works together. Never have I lived in a country where it is impolite to NOT say good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Walking down the streets hearing “good morning, how are you” from a complete stranger is a refreshing change after living in the United States.

Mexicans unlike many other nationalities encourage foreigners to speak Spanish. Instead of turning up their noses because you are speaking incorrectly, they are patient and helpful in your learning process. You may feel you are being mocked when they smile and laugh, but it is only because they are impressed you are trying. And lets face it, you probably do sound a little funny.

Mexico is a beautiful country with warm, kind people. In the many years I have lived in Ajijic, I have been made to feel like one of their own. I wouldn’t change it for the world. And remember; don’t forget to say “Good Day”, or “Buen Dia”.

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