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The Power of Love

My husband and I are blessed with three children. We have two girls and a boy. It is difficult to explain to someone who has not had children, even by choice, how strong the bond of love is between a parent and a child.

Now that we have a grandson it has brought back the wonderful memories of when we had our children. When we first knew I was pregnant and later found out we were having a boy, my husband came home with flowers and a football. When we did have our son we felt like we were the cleverest people in the world and no one else had ever achieved such joy. My husband gave me a Cartier watch and slept in the hospital room with us. We were euphoric and the love we felt for our boy knew no bounds. I never wanted an only child so we were elated when we knew we were having a baby girl who also brought us great joy. I had always wanted a girl so I was thrilled. I remember when our son came to the hospital to see her he said “She is cute but do we have to keep her?”

When our second daughter came into our lives she brought a wonderful calm and happiness to us all. Now she is married and has a son, our grandson, and watching the change in her and the love she feels for her boy is so familiar to us. We too love this boy with all of our hearts and are lucky enough to have them with us and even though it may be temporary we are so grateful for each day we can watch them both grow.

You can try to explain to someone the love you have for a child but until they experience it for themselves they do not really hear you.

Our daughter is a natural mother with great instincts and her son is happy, healthy and flourishing. Her husband is a wonderful father and very sweet and gentle with his son.

Many of our friends who do not have children often are happy to give us advice about what to do or not do with our kids and we just smile and realize they are coming from a different place.

Your love for your children is unconditional and extremely powerful. You would do anything for them and always want what is best for them. If they are happy you are happy and if they are not happy you intensely feel their pain.

Although we have not yet achieved the “empty nest” we are grateful for every moment that we have our children and now grandson with us as we know the day will come when they will move away. Mind you as long as we are living in paradise here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala they will always come home.

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