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The Rainy Season is Almost Here

I know a lot of us have been feeling the heat.  Literally.

Every year it seems that we always say “I don’t remember it being this hot last year”.  April and May are usually our hottest months but April this year was lovely.  May, on the other hand, has been quite warm.  This is usually the time of year that most people travel to escape the heat.

The good news is that the harbingers of the Rainy Season, the Rain Birds, are croaking themselves hoarse which mean the rains are near.  With the onset of the rains come cooler temperatures.

That is not all.  The rains bring flowers and flowering trees and wonderful fragrances and clean smells after the storms.

The Rainy Season is everyone’s (well almost everyone’s) favorite season of the year.

Our friend who experienced their first Rainy Season last year came up with a wonderful description of this magical time of year.  She said you could plant a pencil in the ground and it would grow into a tree.  This is not too far from the truth and professional and amateur gardiners have a field day (no pun intended) during this season.

The colors are more vibrant and the storms are very dramatic with lots of thunder and lightening.  Thankfully, it usually only rains at night and is beautiful during the day.

One caution is that a lot of pets are not crazy about thunder so be vigilant of this when leaving them alone.

The dates for the Rainy Season are June 15th – October 15th to we have only about 3 weeks left until the rains come.

I predict they will be early this year as we have been hearing the Rain Birds for weeks.  Usually, the rains come approximamtely 6 weeks after we first hear the Rain Birds.

So keep your fans on and soon we will have relief from the heat.

Another aside is that the Rain Birds are not birds but very large insects and if you ever see one there is no mistaking what it is.

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