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The Rainy Season is Here

The Rainy Season is here 3 weeks early (the official starting date is June 15th) and it has arrived with avengeance.

We arrived home about 10:00 pm from dinner on Saturday with our dear friends on who had just arrived the night before, delayed because of the rain, and around midnight our electricity went out.

This, of course, meant no fans and it has been very hot. It was totally black and our dogs were cowering under the bed as the thunder was extremely loud. We did not get our electricity back until 1:00 pm Sunday. For those of you who need to do the math that meant 13 hours without electricity. However, with the explosion we heard at midnight I feel lucky we got it back at all.

I had been looking forward to the start of the French Open Tennis from Roland- Garros for weeks and the TV was black. So was my computer screen and one of the highlights of my week is doing my Sunday puzzles online. I also wanted to send a birthday message to a good friend who had performed the wedding ceremony for our son and his wife.

The dishwasher was not humming happily nor was the washing machine. It was very quiet. Too quiet. It is amazing how much we depend on electricity to make our lives, machines and devices run.

My husband made breakfast for us by candlelight as it was still darkish in the kitchen and we ate outside on the terraza which was a nice treat.

At least having a gas oven and BBQ meant we were going to eat and one of the telephones worked so I could call in the lack of service. By the way should this happen to you, and I have every reason to believe it will, you can dial 071 which connects you to CFE or electric company to report your outage.

Our daughter came over and was jolly disappointed to find out we had no electricity as she had no internet at her place. She played games on her computer and my husband and I read books. Another nice change.

All of a sudden we heard the familiar beep beep signaling the return of service and you could not hear yourself think for the click of fingers on keyboards.

Last night we had another huge loud storm but this time our electricity did not go out and we are very thankful for that.

I love the Rainy Season and am delighted it is here. It is the most beautiful season of the year here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and will last until October 15th.

It is not unusual, however, to have your electricity be a tad erratic during the beginning of the rains but soon all will be well and you will enjoy this wonderful season, I am sure, as much as we do.

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