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The Rainy Season is Here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Rainy Season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

One of our best kept secrets from the snowbirds (people coming here from November to April) is the magnificence of our rainy season.

The word is out the first of the rainbirds have been heard by locals. These rainbirds, which are actually large insects, trumpet the onset of the rainy season in about 6 weeks. Having said that we did have a lovely thunder storm last week.

April was a wonderful month this year without the heat that is usually associated with it.

May on the other hand is warm but now that the rainbirds have been heard relief is on its way.

We are beautifully situated on Lake Chapala and those of us who are lucky enough to have lake views we marvel at the dramatic ribbons of lightening that run the length of the lake and we can actually watch the storm approach, pass above us and disappear to the other end of the lake. The thunder has been the loudest I have ever heard.

The mountains become greener every day and, of course, it normally only rains at night so the days are a perfectly comfortable temperature with the fragrant aroma of flowers everywhere.

Gardeners love the rainy season as they do not have to water and their gardens are filled with every kind of flowers, plants and flowering shrubs. They do have to prune more frequently, of course, which is a chore that seems to go against their religion and dead-heading is strictly taboo for some inexplicable reason.

The dust which appeared in April and May is now calmed down by the rains and the roads are clean.

One might think of resealing their roof before the rains come and this should be done every 2 or 3 years depending on your type of roofing. Most contractors are aware of a mixture that will do the job nicely.

Some people who have mountain views especially enjoy this time as the mountains change dramatically from dry and yellow to a lush velvet green.

Somehow the stars and moon are brighter during the rainy season and people sit out on their terrazes enjoying the rain and the marvelous views of Lake Chapala and the mountains.

When we say rainy season some people think of torrential rain and flooding but that is seldom the case here in Ajijica, Lake Chapala.

Let’s keep this best of all our wonderful seasons our little secret.

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