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The Rainy Season is Upon Us

The Rainy Season is Upon Us

April in Ajijic, Lake Chapala was very pleasant. Most of May was lovely too. However, it did start to get a little warm towards the end of May and June brought the heat with a vengeance.

I don’t know why I bothered to go to the hairdresser during this time as the heat had caused my hair to fall flat before leaving the salon.

In the past the hunt for fans was quite a challenge unless you went to Guadalajara as all the fans lakeside flew off the shelves. Now that we have Wal-mart (albetit still a contentious entity for some) purchasing a fan is as easy as going to the store and making your selection from many models available in all price ranges.

Although we do have overhead fans in most of our rooms which do provide much needed relief I still find free standing fans necessary for other parts of the house.

Fortunately our house is very cool as we have marble floors and a very large overhanging roof over our outdoor terraza.

The rainbirds (not really birds but large insects) have been croaking themselves hoarse for the last few weeks heralding the imminent onset of the rainy season. (June 15 – October 15)

Last Wednesday we experienced a wonderful storm complete with torrents of rain, thunder and lightening which sent our dogs promptly scrambling underneath the bed. This was not that unusual as we live in San Antonio Tlayacapan and we have been “enjoying” their fiestas for the last several days complete with fireworks sounding quite like large cannons in your bedroom which also freak out the dogs. No surprise there.

We all thought after this storm “Aha the rains have come early and they will cool everything down wonderfully”. “Not so fast” said Tlaloc, the God of rain.

It was still hot on Thursday and no more rain seemed to be forthcoming.

Last night some time after midnight we did have another storm. Clearly, the rainy season this year is rigorously adhering to the schedule as today is June l5.

If you look to the mountains you will be able to see the subtle beginning of the greening of the hills and the lake is already starting to rise.

The mountains will now turn from a scruffy brown to a rich green velvet which is beautiful to watch. Also the lake will rise bringing even more varieties of wildlife and birds and week-end visitors from Guadalajara to enjoy our new malcones (lakeshore promenades) in Ajijic and Chapala and the many restaurants along the shores of Lake Chapala.

This is, indeed, our most beautiful season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and we are sure you will enjoy it as much as our many residents.

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