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The Rainy Season is Winding Down

That was some storm again last night. I have noticed more high winds this rainy season that ever before. Maybe they high winds are not new and I am getting older and more leery of dramatic weather as one sees horrible, disastrous weather throughout the world.

Also we have had three earthquakes this rainy season the last one being last night. I did not feel the one last night but I certainly did feel the other two. The rainy season is supposed to end October 15th and we at Lakeside are all hoping we have many more inches of rain for Lake Chapala before the season ends.

I love the rainy season and the smells that it brings. I love the mountains getting greener and the flowers and flowering trees blooming happily. I must admit, however, that I do love the violet Jacaranda trees which bloom in February as well.

In fact, there is very little about Ajijic that I do not like. We have lived here now for over 18 years and they have been the happiest of our lives.

The medical care is excellent and affordable along with the dental care and you all know how happy I am about our dermatology clinic – Dermika.

On an unrelated note the other morning at 6:00 am our overhead fan made a horrible noise and started to wobble in a very menacing way. At first I thought at bird or bat had flown into the vanes but we soon realized, once we got our hearts started again, that the piece that holds it to the ceiling had broken.

Not a big deal you say. However, trying to find one of these parts without a new overhead fan attached to it proved to be a bit of a challenge. New fans like the one that needs the new part start at approximately $15,000.00 pesos. This encouraged me to find an alternate solution. Our handyman, who goes by the name Tiburon, happened to have this very part at home. I thought the problem was solved but at it turned out I was wrong.

The plaster into which he needed to attach the new part was crumbling and he had to find a way to attach it in a secure manner.

Tiburon is at the store now trying to get whatever he needs to secure our now dangling overhead fan and I am hoping he returns today to complete the job.

Even with all of the challenges one might face in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, it is still a wonderful place to live with the best climate and people in the world.

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