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The Recession is Over

Well according to the experts the recession is over and the economy is growing.

This is very good news for all of us. Unfortunately, the down side is that the job market is not coming back as quickly as people out of work would like and probably never will.

Also for most of us the economy is not recovering as quickly as we would like but the fact that it is growing again is great news nonetheless.

Houses are selling again and many of the foreclosures are being legally reversed albeit it is a long and difficult process.

Many Americans are still suffering and are out of work and are, in some cases, taking two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet.

Another group of out of work people have been diligently been looking for work for almost 2 years. They have sent out hundreds of resumes and are networking like crazy.

The suggestion is that the best places to find jobs is in the health care industry, the clean energy field and any other area of the future such as computers and related industries.

Many people who have had trouble finding a job after being let go are looking to themselves and entering the wonderful world of entrepreneurial security. They are going online to find help in opening their own business and to also find suggestions as to what might work for them.

It is a oft used expression that the best way to be happy is to find something you love and are passionate about and devote your efforts in that area.

I had many very good jobs mostly in the advertising agency business before I opened my own head hunting business in 1980.

I had always been in a managerial position doing all the hiring and firing for the companies I worked for but for some reason did not think there was any real money in head hunting.

A lot I knew. In the first year my income was double what my lawyer had forecasted for my first year and business continued to grow for the next 14 years.

With the internet it is now very easy to open and incorporate your own business and never have to worry again about keeping your “job”. Although the commission business is not as secure a weekly or monthly paycheck the income you will derive far outweighs the uncertainly of when you will make that next sale.

Most people here are retired but they have children and grand children who may be suffering so this blog is for them. With the internet one can now be anywhere in the world and operate a successful and lucrative business.

It is very nice not to be tied to any one cold climate or high tax bracket country and live in relative warmth and ease in a country more suited to your wants and needs.

So although the recession is over and the economy is growing if this is not yet affecting you, think about your own business. For me it was truly the happiest time of my life.

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