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The Snow Birds are Leaving

It is almost Easter (April 24th this year) which traditionally means the exodus of the “Snow Birds”. There are many things that this exodus means to permanent residents. Some are good and some bad.

The first good thing is that we will be able to make a turn onto the carretera without waiting several minutes. Parking in Ajijic, Lake Chapala will be easier and we are left to enjoy our magnificent ‘rainy season’ in peace.

This is also a good time for the real estate market for several reasons. One is that some vendors feel that they might have missed their chance to sell so prices may be more flexible. Also buyers who come in the “off-season” are generally serious and not just kicking tires as it were. Realtors may be a little less busy and, therefore, able to spend more quality time with potential buyers. Reservations are usually not needed in restaurants now so last minute dining in the establishment of your choice is easier.

You will be able to park at Superlake.

There, of course, is a down side to the “snow birds” leaving particularly for those who operate businesses in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Ours is a cyclical economy. In some years a business may not feel the dip in population but other years the dip may be felt acutely. Businesses do seem to survive, however, to work another day when the “snow birds” return sometime after American Thanksgiving in November.

Our population continues to grow and more permanent residents flow in as things do not improve fast enough up north and Mexico does have a very stable economy along with the myriad of other assets such as the people, weather and beauty.

I do wish our visiting population could experience the joys of the “rainy season” which are spectacular. This season is from June 15 – October 15. The first mournful cry of the “rain birds” (not really a bird but large insect) heralds the imminent arrival of the “rainy season” in about six weeks.

Some friends have reported hearing the first “rain birds” which means we should have an early “rainy season”. This is very good news for those of us not “going home” as we are lucky enough to be home.

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