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The Tuesday Organic Market in West Ajijic, Lake Chapala

This market is an ever expanding success story that started out in Carol Kindschi’s back yard in March 3 years ago.It was organized a small group of Expat women.  The idea was formed when a dear woman friend developed cancer.  These women decided to bring organic fruits and vegetalbes to one place so they could shop for her.  They contact all the organic farmers lakeside and the market was started.

By the way the woman with cancer recovered and it is deemed that the market is touched by magic.

The current location is at La Huerta Eventos Center in West Ajijic on the Carretera Chapala – Jocotepec #522. The entrance is at the side of the building and the hours are 10:00 am on the dot to 12:30 pm.  It is open even on holidays.

Some of the products include Kombucha a very healthy drink full of probiotics, anti-pxidants, vitamins and minterals and amino acids.

There are desserts from the Secret Garden and be sure to visit Christobel The Coconut Man who sometimes has coconut oil too.

There is a coffee shop now worth visiting and Jose Melendrez, the pickle and chutney maker, also has picked ginger.

There are homemade breads and honey, lemons, kumquats, parsnips, pomegraates and all manner of organic greens.