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The Weather in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Those of you who know me know that I hate to belabor a point but I can’t help, yet again, pointing out one of our greatest asset in Ajijic, Lake Chapala and that is our weather.

Although it may be true that in December and January we may need to put on a sweater or sweatshirt we never have to dig ourselves out of mountains of snow or watch our vehicles be trashed by snow clearing units. Snow is something we see only on television and this winter we have seen a lot of it.

Can you imagine being stuck in an airport and not being able to get to your family and friends for the holidays or waiting on the tarmac for up to 11 hours either because of the snow or gate unavailability? This would particularly trying if you had small children in tow or any children for that matter.

Skiers have been falling off cable cars because of high winds and California has yet again been declared a disaster area because of the flooding and mud slides.

The northeast seems to have an indefinite “blizzard warning” and New York city is up in arms as help is very slow in reaching those in trouble because of the snow and cold.

Airports have been closed all over the US and Europe and this has truly been the holiday travel season from hell.

On the other hand, those of us lucky enough to reside in Ajijic, Lake Chapala have been enjoying a very seasonal December. Yes, it is a little cool at night but the days are still warm and sunny and golf and tennis are still being played daily and the hardier of us are still enjoying our meals and morning coffee overlooking beautiful Lake Chapala on our terrazas.

We have the comfort of knowing that the cool weather will soon be at an end as opposed to those unfortunates living up north who have the bleak forecast of things getting worse before they get better in three or four months from now.

After we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala from Toronto, Canada in 1994 I asked myself repeatedly “how could I have lived most of my life in such a bleak, grey climate?”

Living in this arguably best climate in the world is indeed a gift. Sunshine is very good for the soul and walking outside every day into the warm sunshine and seeing the beauty of our paradise in the sun is a truly wonderful feeling.

We don’t miss the snow, the cold, the ice, the shoveling, the grey skies for weeks on end. We would love everyone to experience the joy of our wonderful climate. Life is short and gets even shorter the older we get so ask yourself the same question I asked myself.

“Why would I want to continue my life living in less than perfect climate when I too can live in paradise?”

We still have family and friends living in the frigid north and think of them as they complain bitterly about the weather particularly this season. Our nephew who just came back from a year teaching English in South Korea said he had happily forgotten the grey skies, grey slush and grey moods produced by winter.

If you are looking for that one last reason to help you decide to retire or move to Ajijic, Lake Chapala our magnificent climate could be what pushes you to come and investigate a life full of sunshine and warmth.

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