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The World is a Mess

This is an expression of my father’s and I am sure of many other people as well.

There are problems everywhere. Africa has tribe against tribe, the Middle East is locked in fighting to the point of civil war in many areas, Europe is suffering financial difficulties and the United States is in an election year which is always negative. The economy despite best efforts by the current administration is still suffering in the US too.

Australia seems to be doing fine but earthquakes have rocked New Zealand. Canada is also flourishing financially but now seems to have its share of evil people doing evil things.

South American is not safe and our own beloved Mexico is in upheaval as well. Most of the problems in Mexico are shared with the US and there is an election here in July which could change the course of our future. There is frightening weather in many parts of the world and tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes are everywhere.

There is a man I remember reading years ago and his name is Norman Vincent Peale and he wrote among other books “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

This book affected me greatly at the time and I have also had several “personal growth seminars” which always seems to spout similar adages.

Having said this one such adage has stayed with me and that is “if you want better answers – ask better questions”. i.e. Instead of asking “why me?” ask “what can I do to make things better?”.

Also the power of positive thinking does work as well. Yes, there are a lot of negative things happening in the four corners of the globe but you can change your outcome with the power of positive thinking.

Once you open your mind to good things happening they indeed do happen. I understand it would be very easy to dwell on the negatives but it is also easy to believe in the power of positive thinking and, if you are so inclined, the power of prayer.

If you believe things will get better they will. Try it – it works!

We still live in paradise, with wonderful warm people and the best climate in the world. Our cost of living is so much better than Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia. So the question then becomes “where else would I want to live?”

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