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Tiangis in Ajijic

Ajijic Tianguis (Market)

One of the best things about Wednesdays in Ajijic are the Tiangis (market) on the street going towards the lake beside Salvador’s Restaurant in Plaza Bugumbilias.

When I was first here 15 years I used to love going to the tiangis for many reasons.

First to practice my Spanish as very little English is spoken but, surprisingly, everyone seems to make themselves understood as to what they want and how much it costs.

There is a wonderful array of local fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Many stalls are aromatic with wonderful and unusual smells of herbs and spices.

There is clothing for all ages and bed and bath linens. Notions, tools, kitchenware and hardware abound.

You will not miss the cd stall as the music booms up and down the street.

There is jewelry and local crafts and an excellent watch stall with a man who can fix any watch at a most reasonable price.

The wonderful smells of cooking food are everywhere and this is your opportunity to try some of our local dishes.

There are plants and flowers, appliances (small and large) and bicycles..

Going to the tiangis is a wonderful experience for all of your senses. The colors and bright and the aromas of so many different things are wonderful and tasting the food is a real treat.

You can get almost anything at the tiangis. I once purchased a special chalk which you could draw across your doorways to prevent alacranes (scorpions) from entering your home.

If you are a newcomer it is a great asset to know the word of what is it you are looking for. On the plaza in Ajijic or maybe even at the market you can buy a small handheld device which translates Spanish into English. I found this to be an invaluable asset when shopping anywhere.

This is a very social occasion for the vendors who use this time to catch up on the news. The Mexicans still have time for their customers and as always their warmth, friendliness and willingness to help shines through.

I loved the tiangis when I was first here and I still do. I think you will also enjoy the experience.

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