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Tiger Woods Apology From Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods came out last Friday finally to speak to the public for the first time since his life fell apart on Thanksgiving 2009.

The reaction to his “apology” is as diverse as the country itself. Some high powered women gave him 4 stars for his 15 minute speech which he read and questions were not welcome.

His mother was there and he hugged her at the end of his remarks and she said she was very proud of him and that she loved him.

Elin was not staunchly by his side which made me respect her greatly. Some say she should give him another chance and that sex is sex and love is love but it would appear to some that Tiger has difficultly in recognizing the difference.

This fall from grace was a huge disappointment for many of Tiger’s fans, business partners and, of course, his foundation. When you set yourself up as a role model (even inadvertently) for kids around the world this is not the behavior that is remotely acceptable.

He admitted, he had affairs, cheated and lied and said he was “so sorry”. He said he felt he was entitled and had worked hard all of his life and deserved to do whatever he chose. It is assumed that he would still be carrying on these affairs had he not got caught.

The golf tour and Nike are firmly behind Tiger as are the professional golfers on the tour. They say that they knew that Tiger was a “dog” but seemed to accept it as OK.

Some feel that his behavior is not OK and that he deserves to have Elin divorce him and get full custody of their 2 children.

If you wish to see Tiger’s full remarks you can do so at and click on Blogs and Stories.

The whole world looked up to Tiger Woods not just the sports world and his fall from grace is enormous for many. I do not think these are the values that his father, Earl, instilled in him and I think he would be very disappointed in his son as he wanted Tiger to be a force for good in the world. What he has done is far from good.

Now he is in therapy for sex addiction. This used to be called playing around but now it would appear it is “sex addiction”.

Many thought Tiger was better than this but the best comment I heard was “Who gives a f.— about what he did. Just tell him to get his ass back on the golf course.”

This, of course, was from a man.

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