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Tio Domingo Restaurant in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

We had not been to Tio Domingo in many years.  Not for any specific reason because when we did go there years ago it was a very positive experience and the Spanish Coffee was to die for.

This last Saturday we were invited to join good friends for their aniversary dinner at Tio Domingo’s and we once again found it very charming.

The cuisine is Mexican and it is very good.  The menu has chicken dishes, shrimp, pork and beef and there is always a special.  We had the special which was chicken in a green mole.  We enjoyed it very much and the other member of our party had Chicken in White Wine sauce which was also very good.

To start we had melted cheese with chorizo and fresh hot corn tortillas which we all loved.  Fresh hot bread and butter is also served with dinner.

One of us had the Crepe Suzettes for dessert and the other three had the outstanding Spanish Coffee.

We sat outside which was very charming.  The service is very homey and efficient and the owner is very amenable and clearly interested in you enjoying your meal.

They are open Friday to Tuesday for dinner and their phone # is 766-2453.  Their address is Calle Ocampo 204  in west Ajijic.

We enjoyed our evening very much in a very comfortable and casual setting and particularly because we were with such good friends.

Buen Provecho!

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