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To Stay Young Rescue a Dog


If you want to stay young, and we all do, rescue a dog and your life and the dog’s life will change for the better.

A rescue dog will be so grateful to have a home his/her unconditional love will be boundless.

They get you up out of bed in the morning because they want their breakfast.

They will lower you blood pressure by sleeping with you and you will feel them beside you.

They will get you out the door to walk every day which is great for both of you.

They will protect you and your house.  My husband who is in real estate has always said that the best security system is a barking dog.

They will keep you company.  They are always happy when you come home and will greet you at the door with wagging tails.

There are so many dogs in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that need a home.  There are all breeds, sizes, temperaments and personalities.

We have had 7 rescue dogs in the 23 years we have been here and each and every one of them have brought us joy.

The unconditional love of rescue dogs is an amazing gift which we treasure.

There are three excellent places in Ajijic, Lake Chapala where you can adopt a rescue dog:

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center –

The Ranch –

and Anita’s Animals –

You could also just pick up a street dog  that catches you fancy and give them a loving home. My daughter got attached to a little miniture schnauzer beside her school in Chapala. This little dog was all alone but was smart enough to make friends with all the big dogs so she was safe. I told my husband about this little dog and as a surprise for our daughter he went to Chapala picked her up and brought her home.  My daughter was thrilled and Scruffy became my best friend for 12 wonderful years.

All dogs deserve a loving home and the rewards you gain are untold especially for you health.

We have 3 rescue dogs at the moment.  2 are street dogs and the other was an adoption from Lucky Dog.  They are all wonderful dogs and so happy to have a home of their own.

Change your life.  Rescue a dog.

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