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Toga Party

When my husband informed me we had been invited to a “toga party” you could hear me groaning from here to Chapala. I am the type of person who does not relish costume parties of any sort but the hosts were nice people who we liked and respected so I said “fine” we will go.

Fortunately, I have a white dress that can be draped into a togaish type of affair and with the right sunburst pin at the shoulder and white sandals I was ready to go. I then went online to find out how to drape a toga for my husband made out of our Christmas tree white sheet. I managed to get him securely pinned into his toga and was jolly pleased with myself. We arrived at the party at our friend’s house in lower La Floresta and were met by a beautiful courtyard lit with hundreds of candles, draped fabric blowing in the light breeze, a huge brightly lit swimming pool, lanterns and several bars fully stocked with excellent red and white wine, beer, and spirits of all kinds.

It was a lovely welcome and our hosts came to greet us in full regalia and they both looked fabulous. I must admit I have never seen Medusa’s snakes woven into anyone’s hair and the effect was spectacular.

We got a glass of wine and then proceeded to watch the people file in and the costumes were fantastic to behold. Some were very simple but some were intricate and varied from centurions, to gladiators, to royal purple draped togas. There was lots of gold lame and laurel leaves and the glitterati of Ajijic certainly outdid themselves. It was an enchanting spectacle with excellent music to accompany the modeling of the many different outfits.

We were served mouthwatering stuffed dates and figs and a cheese dip to die for and then at 8:00 pm a whole roasted pig was paraded in through the gates with all the trimmings.

The roast pig was prepared by Manix Restaurant and was served with several salads, scalloped potatoes, succulent chicken and cabbage rolls. Dinner was superb and after dinner the hostess, who is a wonderful singer and no stranger to entertaining, sang a few songs for us which was delightful.

The house which had been renovated by our hosts was magnificent with many places to sit and lovely outdoor covered area and extensive gardens.

It was a lovely night in our beautiful village in the sun and everyone had a great time. Everyone was there and it was great catching up with old friends.

So next time someone suggests a toga party I will be the first one to say “great”.

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