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Too Bad That Youth is Wasted on the Young

How many times have we all heard that expression and when we were young we scoffed at it happily.

Now that some of us are aging there are many things to commend this expression.

For one thing when we are young we can eat and drink anything we want without worry about what it might to do our health or perhaps whether or not it will give us heartburn.

Many of the foods we eat when we are young were, in fact, not good for us and now we are finding out that certain foods can affect our health in a negative way.

When we are young we do not think twice about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease  and diabetes etc.

Now our bodies tell us very clearly what and what not is good for us.  When, for example, we eat certain foods our bodies react and tell us very clearly this is not good for us.

We have known for a long time about a diet higher in fruits and vegetables, eating less red meat, limiting our dairy intake making sure we were eating foods rich in anti-oxidants and, of course not smoking and not drinking too much.

If we do a lot of these things we will find that it directly relates to reducing high blood pressure, decreasing our risk of heart disease and diabetes, lowering our cholesterol and putting many other possible ailments at bay.

We know for, example, that bacon as delicious as it is, is not good for us.  We don’t put bacon fat down the sink for fear of clogging it up yet think nothing of putting it in our bodies.

Now my body tells me if I eat bacon it no longer agrees with me nor do I desire it.  Yes, of course, I have tried turkey bacon but, to me, it tastes like cardboard.

When I eat right my body is happy and when I don’t I do not feel right and almost always get minor heartburn.  I am hoping it stays minor.

Good or at least better judgment comes with growing older in many areas.  Experience is a wonderful teacher.

Now I am listening to my body and I find that many of the things we have heard about over many years are, indeed, based in fact.

Listen to your body, eat better, healthier foods and you might live longer free of disease.

One of the things we have learned from our daughters excellent cooking is to flavor food with fresh herbs and spices instead of butter and oil.

Here is Ajijic, Lake Chapala we are lucky enough to have fresh fruits and vegetables in season year round so eating well does not have to be a seasonal thing.

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