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There are many benefits to living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico. One of my favorites is becoming more familiar with the internet and all it has to offer.

It was not too long ago that all I could do was send and receive emails and do a letter. I very much wanted to learn more and I am happy to say I accomplished that goal. is one of my favorite sites and I have reconnected with many friends and get in touch with them and family through shared pictures and updates. Everyday I log in to find out who is doing what to whom. It was a particularly useful site when my daughter was in London, England in 2007 and again earlier this year. She could send me pictures and videos which I loved. is another wonderful site which offers messaging much like or Windows Live Messenger but it also offers an extremely inexpensive long distance application which has saved me thousands of pesos every month. If you have a video cam on your computer you are able to see the person you are speaking with. I could open Skype first thing in the morning and leave it open all day and if my daughter needed me I could respond to her immediately as if we were in the same room.

My new favorite is First you have to learn the language of twitter, such as tweets, twitters etc. I like to know the latest news and so I follow CNN Breaking News and it gives me all the news in point form so I don’t have to spend as much time watching CNN and waiting for what I what to know about being aired. Also you can follow your favorite TV shows and find out what is scheduled for any given day so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to watch it. You can invite people to follow you or block anybody following that you do not wish to have on your list.

My husband and I love old movies and often we could not remember the name of some person in the movie. This would bug us until one of us did remember or until we could reach our daughter who always seemed to have the answer we were seeking. Now no more sleep is lost as you can google anything at and get an immediate response to any question. In fact google is now a verb in the latest dictionaries.

I think what I love best is learning different ways to use the internet. Ajijic, Lake Chapala is largely a community of ex-pats of retirement age and there is not any better way to stay mentally alert than to use your mind everyday. Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise is in maintaining a healthy mind and body. As my father used to say “you have to keep moving”. So log in and have fun.

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