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Up the Mountain

Last night we were invited to a birthday party for a client from 15 years ago. We were sent a hand written invitation which was charming and knew approximately where the party was being held.

We set off at 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start time and were almost in Jocotepec before we realized we must have missed the right turn off the carretera. We circled back found the correct turn and proceeded up the mountain road to our destination in the clouds. The road started out OK but then deteriorated to a cow/goat path with a steep drop off on the left side and exposed railway tracks were much harder to negotiate than the plethora of speed bumps that start arising after La Cancinta on the carrtera.

The road narrowed and we hoped and prayed that we were on the right road as, for me, it was a very nerve wracking journey.

As we got closer to our destination the road got a lot steeper and then we were able to park on a ledge with another steep drop off and continue on foot up to the house. It was a jolly good thing I was wearing flat shoes.

We finally arrived at the house and were offered a drink. I would have preferred oxygen but thought that request might be impolite.

The house was very charming and the views from the sunroom, terrace and master bedroom were truly spectacular of Lake Chapala. Each of us is different, however, and I said to my husband “not for a million dollars” would I want to live here. Can you imagine if you were cooking and forget the basil? Thankfully, the expression “Horses for courses” certainly fits here.

We did have a very nice time, however, with very nice welcoming people and the food was delicious and there was a Mariachi band playing out on the terrace.

Some of our friends were also there and it was lovely to see them and catch up.

We left a little earlier than usual as I did not want to face the drive home in the dark even though we had both been very moderate wine wise.

I was very happy to get safely home but will remember with great warmth the invitation we had received to attend this birthday party.

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