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Upcoming Ninos Incapacitados Events

Special Request:

If you have an old, unused, but working laptop computer, consider donating it to Niños Incapacitados.  We will set it up with Spanish operating software and provide it to a child who needs that support from our organization or one of our partner organizations like the School for Special Children.  Many of our children can maintain school work through an illness or catch up after being out of school with a situation with an extra resource like a computer.  Contact: Linda Hendy – 376-106-1281 or email and she will arrange pick up.

Tuesday, February 17th

Mardi Gras Parade – Ajijic 

Niños Incapacitados has a float in the parade with a few of our very special children to wave to the crowd.  The Mardi Gras parade is a wonderful event and a lot of fun to watch.  Floats assemble 10 am and should start on the route about 10:30 am or so.  They usually travel east along Constitution to Ocampo to 6 Corners and then loop back across Hidalgo to the Ajijic Plaza.   Be prepared to be dusted with flour, confetti eggs and candy along the route.

February 28, 29 & March 1

Niños Incapacitados will be your favorite hamburger stand stop at the Chili Cook Off and is one of the 8 charities to benefit from this event.   Come on out to Tobolandia and be prepared to see great entertainment, visit lots of booths to get beautiful gift items and try tasting some of the best chili and margaritas in Mexico …..maybe the world!

Thursday March 12

Viva Las Vegas Gala tickets are now available.  Think of Las Vegas in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and the great sounds of that era.  Big Band Jazz Guadalajara is going to entertain you to the best dance tunes of the era.  The event is held at the Real de Chapala Hotel in La Floresta, Ajijic.  Appetizers start promptly at 5:30 pm quickly followed by a beautiful buffet dinner.  A room full of beautiful Silent Auction items await you along with some very special live auction items to consider — a home concert by Jeffery Straker, a water feature for your garden or perhaps a dinner party by CASA is up your alley.  Then again, maybe a holiday week in the Turks and Caicos in a lovely condo???

To get your tickets or book a table call Linda Hendy – 106-1281 or email her at: or stop by one of the following retail sales outlets:

Cugini’s Boutique on Colon Mostly Chocolate on Colon

Offices of:

O&A (O’Rourke & Associates) – Centro Laguna below the Casino Century 21 – Chula Vista area across the street from OXXO

Thursday, March 19

NOTE:  The monthly General Meeting of Niños Incapacitados is changed from March 12 to March 19.  Come meet our child of the month and hear what your support is doing for the families served by Niños Incapacitados.

Programa Pro Ninos Incapacitados A.C. (PPNI A.C.)


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