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US Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 22nd is US Thanksgiving. This date marks many things. For us at lakeside of Ajijic, Lake Chapala this means the onset of the snow birds which is very good for businesses but also brings with it increased traffic.

There are many restaurants that are offering wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dinners. We go to La Nueva Posada to spend Thanksgiving with our Mexican family and they do an excellent job always. Other than for the luckless turkeys they are many reasons to be thankful. Sometimes we forget to remember all that we are thankful for as it is a very busy time of year when one is thinking about Black Friday shopping and Christmas around the corner.

Many of the pundits tell us what to buy now and what not to buy and it can all get very confusing.

The little things are still very important. Making sure others have a nice Thanksgiving too.

Being thankful for friends and family and warmly remembering those who have passed on and how lucky we were to have them in our lives.

Being thankful for good health and living in the best climate in the world among a warm and caring people.

Being thankful for our pets the joy and unconditional love they bring into our lives.

Being thankful for the peace we are enjoying as we watch many parts of the world suffer upheaval, and fear.

Being thankful that we have a roof over our heads while many others cower together under inadequate shelter exposed to the elements.

Being thankful for free speech and freedom in general and most certainly being thankful that the wonderful Mexican people allow us to live in their country.

So this year when you are enjoying your roast turkey or lamb with all the traditional trimmings take a moment to reflect on how lucky we really are despite our real or perceived problems and say a prayer of true thanksgiving for all we do have and if you have an opportunity to help others – please do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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