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Vacuum Cleaners

Of course, in Toronto, Canada we had a selection of vacuum cleaners over the years which worked very well and when we needed a new one it was a simple case of making a selection from several choices.

When we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994 the last thing on our minds was a vacuum cleaner. All the floors were tile, slate, cured cement or marble and mops were all that were required to keep them looking great.

Our first and second houses did not have broadloom but our third rental had broadloom in 4 of the bedrooms and throughout the casita. There was a small vacuum cleaner in the closet which clearly was not going to get the job done. I searched Ajijic for a vacuum cleaner new or used and came up with nothing. I finally got the name of a vacuum cleaner company in Guadalajara who would deliver a unit lakeside. I was not thrilled with the unit but it did work for the moment.

Over the years I have purchased several vacuum cleaners from various outlets and I did manage to get a Hoover Upright which was great while it lasted. We had it fixed many times but alas we no longer have it.

I was thrilled when Walmart opened because I thought they would have a lovely selection but this was not quite the case. They had one small wet/dry unit which is mediocre at best. Naturally, the bags they sell do not fit the unit in question. I still have to go to this whole in the wall electronic shop on Colon and they sometimes have vacuum bags or sometimes will order them for you.

Our Walmart purchase worked on Friday but on Monday it did not. So I have a couple of choices. The first is to find someone to fix it. The second is to find a nice new Hoover Upright Bagless unit from Guadalajara.

I do everything on the computer and so I thought a click of the mouse would produce said unit to be delivered to my house here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. After several unsuccessful visits to various web sites this does not seem to be the case.

Our house now has four bedrooms and two bathrooms with broadloom and I would love to get a vacuum cleaner that works and does send out sparks when plugged in.

I even asked my friend, Pancho, from Superlake to source an upright bagless unit for me in Guadalajara a couple of years ago and he came back with the dreaded words “no hay”.

Not being a quitter I know I will find a vacuum cleaner that will keep our broadloom clean and fluffy. It is just going to take time and patience.

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