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I like to think that all of my blogs are important but, in reality, some are more important that others and this is a very important one indeed.

Normally, I would not write my second blog of the week until Friday but I wanted to share this information with my readers as soon as possible so they had time to make plans to attend this most important event.

The mission of VIHAS de VIDA is to help people with HIV-AIDS live free of stigma, discrimination and exclusion, and promote actions to prevent the inrease in new cases through education, human development, human rights advocacy and partnering with other organizations.

VIHAS de VIDA will be bringing 13 young adults to Ajijic for their FIRST Lakeside prevention program to combat HIV in Jalisco, the Mexican state with the fourth highest incidence of HIV in Mexico.  VIHAS is a civil service organization that has been helping for over a decade to eradicate the problem of exclusion, discrimination and violation of human rights of people living with HIV-AIDS in Jalisco. This educational program Saturday from 4pm until 8pm and on Sunday the 26th from 10am until 2pm will promote strategies to prevent the increase in new cases and promote sexual health, especially in populations living in vulnerable, marginalized and poverty conditions.

They will conduct programs on prevention and sex education thru interactive modules.

Please support these heroes for this FIRST Lakeside event.

The location for these two events is the Main Plaza in Ajijic.  (Please mark your calendar that early Sunday, October 26th you put you clocks back one hour).

For more information you can contact them at

HIV-AIDS affects all of us and together through education and support we can dramatically decrease the spread of this disease.

We hope to see you there!

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