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Vinos America

We live at the east end of town and have been happy here for many years.  We also have lived in the village of Ajijic, La Floresta, The Raquet Club, and Villa Nova.

We have everything we need very close to us but originally moved here so the kids could walk to school. (Not that they ever did but I digress.)

We have discovered many gems on the west end of Ajijic including Peter’s Panderia which is a fabulous sour dough bread bakery.

Recently, at the urging of my husband, I went to Vinos America which is located on the Carretera Poiniente #141-A in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. You will recognize it by the large “Miller” sign.

The phone # of Vinos America is (376) 766-2952 0 766-4346.  Their email is:

Vinos America also have 7 other locations in Guadalajara and around Mexico.

When I pulled up to the door with parking right in front a very nice man opened the door for me with a smile and a nice welcome.

I started to look around and the Manager of the store – Adriana Rodriguea Maldonado – asked if she could help me with anything.

I told her what I was looking for and she got me exactly what I wanted and a very good selection of the second item on my list – a very good champagne.

Three things stood out for me at Vinos America and that was the warmth with which I was served, the array of wines, beers and liquors and the price which was considerably less than any other liquor store where I have shopped.

Adriana is very well versed in wines and is more than willing to help you should you desire her input.

It was a very pleasant visit and I will shop there again happily.  I also stopped at Peter’s on the way back and bought a loaf of sour dough whole grain bread which we ate in a day.  A nice man was putting my purchase in a bag when Peter himself came from the back and asked ” Was it OK if he gave me a hotter loaf?” “Of course, I replied with vigor, please go ahead”.  This also to me is excellent service.

It is very nice to receive a smile and warm greeting when one is frequenting a particular store.

We are very lucky we now have so many choice in our little village in the sun.

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