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Viva Mexico Advertising Campaign

Viva Mexico !!!

There is a new ad campaign that is running in many parts of the world encouraging people to come home to Mexico.

The reason for this aggressive campaign is threefold:  the global economic crisis, the US/Mexico border drug wars and the H1N1 flu scare out of Mexico City.

These three factors have dramatically affected tourism in Mexico over the last few months.

Although the economic crisis was and is real the other two factors are not as bad as once reported.

President Filipe Calderon has partnered with the US in sharing the responsibility for the border drug wars and is actively working both with President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to get the situation if not eradicated then certainly under control.

H1N1, although, affecting over 30,000 worldwide is much less serious than the seasonal flu and is easily treated with Tamiflu in most cases.  It no longer is an issue in Mexico.

Mexico remains, as always, a wonderful place to vacation or retire.  The main reason to come to Mexico for a holiday is the virtually guaranteed weather and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape.

Retirement in Mexico is still a very economically sound option.  Many excellent deals are to be had in purchasing property and the cost of travel is at an all time low.

We have friends who retired here or even moved here to continue working (thanks to the accessibility of the world wide web) who have lived all over the world but chose Ajijic, Lake Chapala as the best place they could imagine to live.

Canadian newspapers who once ran headlines warning people not to go to Mexico are now recanting their views saying Mexico is again (and probably was always) a safe bet.

There are so many things to commend this country and particularly our village in the sun of Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  The weather, the warmth of the Mexican people, the low cost of living, the beautiful properties available, the access to a major international airport and the proximity to Guadalajara which offers everything in a city twice the size of Toronto, Canada.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is 30 minutes from Ajiic, Lake Chapala.

I think another important factor in choosing Ajijic, Lake Chapla is life style.  Here you will feel a definite return to kinder, gentler times and who would not like that.

So Viva Mexico indeed  Come on home.

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